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Former recruiter David Alan Carter evaluates the 10 most popular online resume services, comparing writing quality, customer service, pricing and more. See how they stack up. 
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Napa Resume Service?

Below, find a lineup of local Napa Resume Writing Services led by one of the top-rated online resume writing firm serving the Napa, California area. Also, find key employers and links to popular job boards. --David Alan Carter

Napa Resume Services...
including one of the top-rated online companies serving Napa, CA
Top Napa Employers...
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Visit... ResumeWriters.comResumeWriters.com - Best Online Resume Service
Good balance of price, service and quality of workmanship propels this firm to my top spot. That, and a 99.8% customer satisfaction rating. Interviews are guaranteed. My in-depth REVIEW.
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1700 Soscol Avenue #8, Napa, California
(707) 226-3712
Jessica Millikan Consulting
Napa, CA
(707) 265-9188
Write Stuff Resumes
301 Ponderosa Drive, Vacaville, California
(707) 592-1049
Career Crossroads
2604 Rancho Cabeza Drive, Santa Rosa, CA
(707) 542-2420
Doug Fogel and Associates
2770 Stony Point Road, Santa Rosa, California
(707) 431-0467
Geary & Associates
1100 Coddingtown Center, Santa Rosa, California
(707) 525-8085
Are you the owner of a brick-and-mortar Napa resume service that's not listed here? Want to be? Just contact us and let us know!

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Government Employers in Napa, CA
-- City of Napa CA Job Opportunities

Top Employers in Napa, California

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While the city of Napa was originally founded and developed by farmers, the California Gold and Silver Rushes of the mid-19th century were the events that firmly established the fortunes of the city. It would not become famous for agriculture, in general, and winemaking, in particular, until well into the 20th century.

These days, the fertile terrain and magnificent climate have transformed the region into a world renowned tourist destination known for its incredible wines with Napa City as its economic focal point. The downtown area of the city is now a hot bed of high-end restaurants, specialty gourmet shops and luxury hotels.

Napa City also boasts a thriving healthcare industry. It is home to the regional medical center, Queen of the Valley, with its dozen specialty centers and is also contains the headquarters of The Doctor’s Company, the largest medical malpractice insurance company in the United States.

The city enjoys a unique place in a wonderful part of California. As such, vacancy rates are low and housing is expensive. Still, there are tremendous opportunities in the specialty gourmet, restaurant and winemaking industries. It is certainly a city with its eye on the future.

Additional information on the local economy and key employers...

Wikipedia: Napa Economy
Napa Chamber of Commerce



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