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Below, find a lineup of local Naperville Resume Writing Services led by the top-rated online resume writing firm serving the Naperville, Illinois area. Active links where available. Also, find key employers and links to popular job boards. --David Alan Carter

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ResumeWriters.com - Our Top-Rated Online Resume Service
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A Better Resume Writing Service
552 South Washington Street, Suite 218, Naperville, IL
(630) 527-8880
PR3 Professional Resume Services
40 Shuman Boulevard, Naperville, IL
(630) 505-8884
Career Path
1240 Iroquois Avenue, Naperville, IL
(630) 369-3390
Accent Resume Services
552 South Washington Street, #218, Naperville, IL
(630) 879-6488
1879 Bay Scott Circle, Naperville, IL
(800) 284-8527
Job Hunt Coach
Naper Boulevard and 75th Street, Chicago - Naperville, IL
(630) 983-6729
Primed to Impress, Inc.
608 South Washington Street, #207, Naperville, IL
(630) 303-9036

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With a population of 141,853 residents (as per the 2010 census), Naperville became the fifth largest city in Illinois. Located just 30 miles outside of Chicago, the city began as a small farming community. Thanks in large part to a conglomeration of corporate headquarters now based there, it is now the wealthiest city in the Midwest, according to a survey by Portfolio, a business journal.

Geographically, Naperville is positioned along the Technology and Research Corridor, Illinois’ answer to California’s renowned Silicon Valley. Looking to put that Naperville resume service creation to good use? Consider this: Companies such as Alcatel-Lucent, Argonne National Laboratory, Nalco and TelLabs are responsible for the tremendous job growth and injection of tax dollars that fueled growth and development in the city.

In 2006, Office Max relocated its corporate headquarters to Naperville.

The automobile industry also maintains a large footprint in the city. With over 11 automobile dealerships operating, too many test drives were being conducted along the city’s quiet streets.

In 2006, the city worked with the local development partnership to build a $1.2 million test track, the first of its kind.

Today, city residents enjoy top schools, world-renowned parks, and a low unemployment rate. Naperville consistently ranks as one of the most livable cities in America.

Additional information on the local economy and key employers... Wikipedia: Naperville Economy.



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